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Cosmetic Upgrades

AlloyGators Alloy Wheel Protection from £110

We are an accredited fitter of AlloyGators, a strong plastic strip sitting around the rim protecting your wheels from kerb damage (They also cover up existing alloy damage). Available in 12 colours, Silver, Gun Metal Grey, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue, Light Blue and Orange. Fitting wheels up to 21". Mobile service available.

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Headlight Restoration
£35 per unit

If you have Cloudy headlights, yellowing headlights, dull headlights or UV damaged headlights? They do not just make your car look tired they greatly reduce the light output from the unit which could lead to an MOT failure. Restoration can be carried out with a mobiles service at your home or work.

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Canvas/Convertible Roof Cleaning from £85

If your convertible roof has mould, stains or covered in green algae it can be removed to leave a perfect finish.

The treatment is carried out at our premises on Chatham Street S3 8EJ due to the roof having to be completely dry before the protection is applied

Clean and protect is from £85

Clean, recolour and protect from £135

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Vinyl Wrapping/PlastiDipping £ Call

Vinyl Wrap is a specially formed vinyl which is applied to the panels of the vehicle (basically a big sticker), it is available in many colours and finishes.

From Carbon look bonnets/roofs to having your car fully vinyl wrapped will completely change the appearance as well as protecting your paintwork from stone chips and fading.
Vinyl wrapping your car as well as looking great it has many benefits over re-spraying a car. Other benefits with vinyl wrapping include no need to inform the DVLA as it is classed as a temporary colour change, the vinyl protects the paint from stone chips and washing marks/swirls, it is easily removed leaving original paint work and it is also a lot cheaper than a re-spray. Please call for any information/quote.

Plastidip is a spray vinyl with is perfect for blacking out badges and interior parts where vinyl wouldn't sit correctly, no sanding is needed prior to dip which means it can be removed to leave the original condition.


AlloyGators, a plastic strip sitting around the rim protecting your wheels from kerb damage (They also cover up existing alloy damage). Available in 8 colours, Silver, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Orange. Fitting wheels up to 21".

Prices from £64.99 (for a set of 5 including fitting instructions) delivered or £110 supplied and fitted. Full details here


Valet Upgrades:

Upgrades can be added to any Valet

Alloys coated with a 5 stage Silicon Carbine Ceramic Coating -
Alloy sealant from £140

Alloys pressure washed and cleaned with non acidic wax friendly cleaner and soft brushes

Tar remover used to remove the tar spots on paint work

Wolf Chemicals Brake Duster used to remove chemical compounds and ferrous particles - particles containing iron
from the alloys

Clay bar used to remove any remaining containments then alloys are blown dry

Protected with a 5 stage silicon carbine ceramic coating living very strong and long lasting protection.

Glass Seal/Window Rain Repellent
from £25 - £30

Exterior glass sealed with a strong rain repellent which lasts up to 6 month giving you better visibility in rainy conditions. The water will be repelled of the windscreen of speeds past 35mph and even better vision on the motorway in the rain even without your wipers on.

Glass thoroughly cleaned with an all purpose cleaner

Clay bar then used to remove and fallout/tar etc from the glass

Glass cleaned with IPA (panel wipe) to remove any dirt or grease to make sure the paint is 100% clean

Glass dried

2/3 coats of a leading nano technology glass sealant (15 minutes apart) to ensure even coverage

Buffed clean once cured

Headlight Restoration from £35 each

The headlight is assessed and then wet sanded to remove the deep scratches/UV damage that is dulling the lens

Once the headlight has been wet sanded the lenses and polished with 3 different pads and polishes until the lens is clear

When the headlight is clear the lenses are protected with a wax to protect the plastic to the UV damage re-occurring

Fogging Machine for that new car smell:

The fogging machine fills the car with a fog which is used to attack and destroy Bacteria such as E.coli, MRSA and Straphylococcus whilst completely killing all odours including tobacco, mould / damp, pet smells, sweat and dairy.

The system is lab tested and are proven to kill 99% of germs and bacteria along with many dangerous and common diseases.

Introductory Offer - Only £35 with any full valet.


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